Patron Behavior Policy

The Library, as a limited public forum, reserves the right to require library patrons to leave the premises if these rules are not followed. Refusing to leave when asked will result in law enforcement being contacted, the issuance of a trespass citation, and may result in an arrest in accordance with the Florida trespass law (F.S. 810.08). Failure to comply with any of these library policies after a request from Library staff to do so may result in law enforcement being summoned.


The infractions below may include any other conduct not listed here but which disrupts or interferes with a patron’s use and enjoyment of the library or the staff’s safe operation thereof.



(warned &/or asked to leave)



(asked to leave &/or trespassed)

Automatic Trespass:(trespassed &/or arrested)
• unfastened clothing, poor hygiene • verbal abuse, foul language in transactions or on the phone • previously trespassed
• animals other than service animals • drunken / disorderly behavior • illegal activities (drugs, alcohol, and theft)
• disruptive noises – phone calls, children, dogs/animals, conversations • panhandling, loitering • damaging property – library material (severe)
• posting notices without permission • unauthorized trespassing in non-public areas • fighting
• Sleeping, lying on floors / furniture, misuse of furniture • computer misuse • verbal / physical threatening
• running, throwing things, horseplay • erratic or unusual behavior • weapon
• blocking aisles / exits / entrances • nudity • repeat drunken / disorderly behavior
• uncapped beverages, food other than packaged snacks   • repeated offenses
• tobacco use   • sexually inappropriate behavior
• foul odors   • stalking / threatening behavior
• inappropriate use of bathroom   • indecent exposure
• unattended personal item(s)    
• bikes, scooters, or shopping carts brought indoors    
• unattended children    
• unwanted personal contact    

*The length of trespass will be determined by local law enforcement or a Library Administrative team.

**Once a person receives a trespass citation due to inappropriate behavior they will have to wait out the duration of the citation and meet with a library administrative team to review the Patron Behavior Policy before their library privileges can be reinstated.

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