Loan Periods, Fines, and Fees

Loan Periods

DVDs & Video Games (10 per card): 1 week

Learning Kits & Telescope (1 per adult card only): 1 week

Books, Audiobooks, Bakeware, Music CDs & Other Print Materials: 3 weeks

Most items without holds may be renewed up to three times at their standard loan period and will be auto-renewed if eligible. Learning Kits and the telescope are not renewable.



Fines & Fees

The Board of Trustees approved the following fine and fee schedule on September 21, 2022, effective October 1, 2022:

Overdue items do not accrue daily fees. Rather, accounts will be blocked when there are overdue items. Users with blocked accounts cannot check out new items, renew items, or apply for reciprocal borrowing at Orange County Library System or Winter Park Library.

Non-Resident Fee Cards are available for $60.00 per year per household. Residents of Orange County and the City of Winter Park with library cards in good standing at their home libraries may receive no-cost Reciprocal Cards at the Maitland Public Library.

Black and white copies and computer printing: $0.15 per page

Color copies and printing: $0.25 per page

Outgoing fax service: $1.00 for the first page, $0.50 for each additional page (no incoming fax service)

Lost or damaged cases or binders: $2.00

All other lost or damaged items will be billed for the list price of the item; for multi-part items where individual components can be replaced separately, the list price of only the lost or damaged component will be billed.