What are S.T.E.M. Kits?


S.T.E.M. Kits are designed to give elementary school students access to books, DVDs, games, and other interactive materials to further their education on different topics. Each kit includes information and hands-on activities on a subject relating to the arts or sciences.

These kits are available ONLY by placing a HOLD. Only adults can check out S.T.E.M. kits. Please read the S.T.E.M. Kit policy here.

Please click below on the name of the kit to place a hold on it:

architectureArchitecture (Ages 6 and up)


artArt (Ages 6 and up)


Astronomy (Ages 5 and up)


Dinosaurs (Ages 5 and up)



electricityElectricity (Ages 8 and up)


engineeringEngineering (Ages 8 and up)


Espionage (Ages 8 and up)


geometry in artGeometry in Art (Ages 8 and up)


Human Body (Ages 7 and up)

inventionsInventions (Ages 6 and up)


light and colorLight & Color (Ages 4 and up)


magnetsMagnets (Ages 6 and up)


programingProgramming & Coding (Ages 10 and up)


simple machinesSimple Machines (Ages 10 and up)


Trains (Ages 3 and up)


weatherWeather (Ages 7 and up)


We will email you when your S.T.E.M. Kit is available to be checked out.

S.T.E.M. Kits were made possible by donations to our Valentine Tree fundraiser, grants from the Maitland Women’s Club, and matching funds generously donated by Gulf States Credit Union.