What are S.T.E.M. Kits?


S.T.E.M. Kits are designed to give elementary school students access to books, DVDs, games, and other interactive materials to further their education on different topics. Each kit includes information and hands-on activities on a subject relating to the arts or sciences.

These kits are available ONLY by placing a HOLD. Only adults can check out S.T.E.M. kits. Please read the S.T.E.M. Kit policy here.

We will email you when your S.T.E.M. Kit is available to be checked out.

S.T.E.M. Kits were made possible by donations to our Valentine Tree fundraiser, grants from the Maitland Women’s Club, and matching funds generously donated by Gulf States Credit Union.

Contains: Iggy Peck, Architect/ by Andrea Beaty — How a house is built/ by Gail Gibbons — Bill Nye the science guy: Architecture [DVD]. “Roominate building set” includes 4 wall/floor panels, 48 furniture building pieces, 16 connectors, 1 motor, 1 light, 2 switches, 2 battery packs, replaceable tape, craft paper, string, felt,  2 books, 1 videodisc, 1 Roominate building set, 1 Mixed-up house magnet set, Aspiring architect worksheets.

Contains: Art lab for kids/ by Susan Schwake — Paint and painting/ by Scholastic — Andy Warhol/ Mike Venezia — Drawing with scissors/ by Keesia Johnson– Vincent van Gogh/ by Sean Connelly — Leonardo da Vinci/ by Sean Connelly — Dropping in on Renaissance artists [DVD]. “History of art card game” includes 30 cards, 1 die, and 1 instruction sheet.

Contains: Digging up dinosaurs/ by Aliki — How big were the dinosaurs?/by Bernard Most — Dinosaurs!/by Gail Gibbons — National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs/by Catherine D. Hughes — Bill Nye the Science Guy: Dinosaurs [DVD].

Contains: The Magic School Bus and the electric field trip/ by Joanna Cole — Charged up : the story of electricity/ by Jacqui Bailey — Electrical wizard : how Nikola Tesla lit up the world/ by Elizabeth Rusch– Bill Nye the science guy: Electrical current [DVD]. “Snap circuits set” includes 1 base grid, 3 1-snap wires, 6 2-snap wires, 3 3-snap wires, 1 4-snap wire, 1 5-snap wire, 1 6-snap wire, 1 whistle chip, 1 slide switch, 1 press switch, 1 photoresistor, 1 red LED, 1 2.5V lamp, 1 battery holder, 1 speaker, 1 music integrated circuit, 1 alarm integrated circuit, 1 space war integrated circuit, 1 motor, 1 fan, 1 100 ohm resistor, 1 red jumper wire, 1 black jumper wire.

Contains: Rosie Revere, engineer/ by Andrea Beaty — Bridges and tunnels/ by Donna Latham — Steve Caney’s ultimate building book/ by Steve Caney — Bridges: amazing structures to design, build & test/ by Carol A. Johmann. “K’Nex bridge building set” includes 6 long green rods, 6 red rods, 4 yellow rods, 6 green plates, 34 yellow connectors, 6 blue connectors, 24 gray connectors, 36 blue rods, 8 red connectors, 4 green connectors, 4 purple rods, 12 orange bars, 25 white pegs, 32 green pegs.

Contains: Top secret: a handbook of codes, ciphers, and secret writing/ by Paul B. Janeczko — Spy science/ by Jim Wiese — The real spy’s guide to becoming a spy/ by Peter Earnest — How to be an international spy/ by Andy Briggs — Eyewitness: spy/ by Richard Platt — Harriet the Spy [DVD]

Geometry in Art
Contains: Mummy math : an adventure in geometry/ by Cindy Neuschwander — When a line bends . . . a shape begins/ by Rhonda Gowler Greene — I spy shapes in art/ by Lucy Micklethwait. “Spirograph kit” includes 2 rings, 1 rack, 4 shaped wheels, 15 wheels, 1 instruction books, paper, spiro-putty.

Human Body
Contains: National Geographic kids ultimate body-pedia/by Christina Wilsdon — DK first human body encyclopedia/by Penny Smith — The Magic School Bus: inside the human body/by Joanna Cole –Body shout/by P.C. Butler — Rock ‘N’ Learn human body [DVD] Anatomically correct magnetic human play set contains 24 pieces. Smart lab squishy human body set contains 1 information book, 1 poster, 1 “organ”-izer poster, 1 blue tray, 1 tweezer, 1 forceps, 1 body mold, 12 bones and muscles, 9 organs. Can do! game contains 1 canister with spinner lid, 60 question cards, 1 answer card, 44 tokens.

Contains: Steve Caney’s invention book/ by Steve Caney — Mistakes that worked/ by Charlotte Foltz Jones — Bill Nye the science guy: Inventions [DVD]. “Tinker toy set” includes 1 horse head, 1 horse body, 4 purple connectors, 3 yellow star toppers, 1 tiara, 1 princess hair, 1 princess head, 1 princess body, 1 princess base, 4 teardrop bases, 1 animal mouth, 1 pair purple eyes, 2 yellow eyes, 9 pink wheels, 15 orange discs, 6 green corner connectors, 19 white rods, 18 yellow rods, 8 orange rods, 2 red rods, 2 purple rods, 4 blue crosspieces, 2 purple crosspieces, 14 blue disc connectors, 4 purple paddles, 11 blue connectors, 4 green connectors, 10 red connectors, 1 instruction sheet.

Light & Color
Contains: All about light/ by Lisa Trumbauer — Bill Nye the science guy: Light & Color [DVD]. “Color and light science kit” includes 2 mirrors, 2 red mirror stands, 1 red bear, 4 color paddles, 6 activity cards, 1 flashlight.

Contains: What magnets can do/ by Allan Fowler — What makes a magnet?/ by Franklin M. Branley — Magnets: pulling together, pushing apart/ Natalie M. Rosinsky — Bill Nye the science guy: Magnetism [DVD]. “Super magnet lab” includes 1 instruction sheet, 100 magnetic chips, 10 magnetic marbles, 7 magnetic wands, 2 bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, 2 small metal horseshoe magnets, 1 large horseshoe magnet.

Programming & Coding
Contains: Computers for kids/ by Chris Cataldo — Super scratch programming adventure/ by The LEAD Project — Video game programming for kids/ by Jonathan S. Harbour — Help your kids wtih computer programming/ by DK Publishing — Computer/ by DK Eyewitness Books — Bill Nye the science guy: Computers [DVD]. “Robot turtle game” includes 1 instruction manual, 1 board, 1 blue deck (45 cards) and game piece, 1 yellow deck (45 cards) and game piece, 1 red deck (45 cards) and game piece, 1 purple deck (45 cards) and game piece, 12 ice tiles, 4 jewel tiles, 8 crate tiles, 20 stone tiles.

Simple Machines
Contains: Mighty machines/ by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone — Simple machines/ by Deborah Hodge — Bill Nye the science guy: Simple machines [DVD]. “Simple machines lab kit” includes 7 bases, 4 small pulley wheels, 3 nuts, 4 large pillars, 1 incline, 1 insert piece, 2 small pillars, 1 wedge, 2 5g block and hook assemblies, 2 axle holders, 9 connector axles, 2 10g block and hook assemblies, 6 eye axles, 8 rubber bands, 8 large pully wheels, 3 bolts.

Contains: All aboard trains/by Richard Courtney — How do trains work?/by Buffy Silverman — Locomotive/by Brian Floca — Train crazy kids [DVD] — Travel adventures [DVD] Brio train set includes 2 straight tracks, 2 long curved tracks, 12 short curved tracks, 1 rock tunnel, 3 train cars, 1 stop/go switch, 3 people (2 passengers, 1 conductor), 1 briefcase, 1 bench.  Train conductor dress-up set includes 1 name tag, 1 timetable, 1 hat, 1 smock, 1 wrench, 1 hammer, 1 walkie-talkie.

Contains: Wonderful weather/ by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone — Tornados!/ by Gail Gibbons — Hurricanes!/ by Gail Gibbons — The kids’ book of weather forecasting/ by Mark Breen and Kathleen Friestad — Bill Nye the science guy: Storms [DVD]. “Weather lab” includes 1 orange base with compass, 1 rain gauge tube, 1 rain gauge base, 1 square weather vane post with thermometer, 1 wind direction arrow, 1 triangular anemometer base, 1 set of crossbars, 4 cups (3 blue, 1 green), 1 weather tracker card, weather experiment booklet, weather observation chart, 1 instruction sheet.