Thank-you to all who participated in and attended our Poetry Coffeehouse and awards. The winners are listed below.

Elementary School
First place: Madden M.  “Stargazing,”
Second Place: Sara C. “Space Wonders”
Third Place: Samuel F. “Inspirations”
Honorable Mention: Zach K. “The Dictionary”
Honorable Mention: Sallee R. “Untitled”
Honorable Mention: Anabel D. “Look Up”
Honorable Mention: Gabrielle S. “Flying High”

Middle School
First Place: Lindsey C. “Look Up and See the Birds”
Second Place: Ava S. “Stars”
Third Place: Mackenzie M. “Keep Looking Up”
Honorable Mention: Abby S. “As She Weeps”

High School
First Place: Penelope D. “Optimist in a Teacup”
Second Place: Elaine M. “A Way to Find”

Fist Place: Peter Gordon, “Seeing Sixty”
Second Place: Diane Neff, “Icarus Rising”
Third Place: Lynn Schiffhorst, “Look Up, Ms. Jane!”
Honorable Mention: Linda Runatz, “Seasons”