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Maitland Public Library

Upcoming events

  • 10/23/17 6:00 PM pm - 10/23/17 8:00 PM pm

    “Join Heartfulness Meditation class and learn simple techniques that improve wellness of being. No registration necessary. 2nd and 4th Mondays,  6-8pm.”


  • 10/25/17 3:30 PM pm - 10/25/17 4:15 PM pm

    Book club with craft. For beginning readers up to 1st grade. Click here for full book list.

  • 10/26/17 7:00 AM am - 10/26/17 8:30 AM am

    We consider our participation in Healthy Central Florida, as part of Healthy Maitland, a vital part of the Library’s function.

    Walking Maitland: We have a regular morning walk every Thursday morning at 7:00. There are several measured trails to choose from, all originating from the Library. The walks are good for your physical health, but they are also good for your social life, as participants often adjourn to the Library for tea or coffee.

    Walking Map

    In addition, the Library is actively organizing more measured walking trails in Maitland, with more than seven miles of available trails in the Maitland Center area.

  • 10/27/17 4:30 PM pm - 10/27/17 5:30 PM pm

    Let Jenny Blackburn help you destress from the week and refresh for the weekend. Please bring your own mat, towel, and water bottle.

  • 10/29/17 3:30 PM pm - 10/29/17 5:00 PM pm

    October 29, 3:30pm. Join TnT Paranormal Investigators as they discuss methods used to find answers and investigate evidence of any alleged cases of paranormal or unexplained activity. The discussion will include methods for gathering data during an investigation, how the data is reviewed to determine if any paranormal evidence was captured, or if these experiences are natural/environmental, man-made, or indeed paranormal. Q & A at end.

  • 11/03/17 10:00 AM am - 11/03/17 11:00 AM am

    Have questions about using your digital device? Come to our Device Advice Class and our E-Services Librarian will help you get started.  Device Advice is a drop-in style class. Just bring in your device and your questions.  It is very informal and you do not need to be present for the whole hour.

    Device Advice classes are the 1st Fridays of the month from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm.

    Can’t make it? Call 407-647-7700 and make an appointment.

  • 11/03/17 4:00 PM pm - 11/03/17 4:45 PM pm

    CLICK HERE for book list and more information.

  • 11/06/17 4:00 PM pm - 11/06/17 5:00 PM pm

    Let your imagination run free. Come build with our LEGO® bricks. We'll display your creations for a month in the library, then start all over again next time!

  • 11/10/17 10:30 AM am - 11/10/17 12:00 PM pm

    This is our most unique book club! Read what you choose, then share your love (or loathing) with the group.

    Meets: We meet for coffee on the second Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m. to discuss all of our favorite reads.

  • 11/11/17 10:00 AM am - 11/11/17 12:00 PM pm
    No additional details for this event.
  • 11/13/17 6:00 PM pm - 11/13/17 8:00 PM pm

    “Join Heartfulness Meditation class and learn simple techniques that improve wellness of being. No registration necessary. 2nd and 4th Mondays,  6-8pm.”


  • 11/14/17 4:00 PM pm - 11/14/17 5:30 PM pm
    No additional details for this event.
  • 11/17/17 10:30 AM am - 11/17/17 11:00 AM am

    Join a certified yoga instructor for stories, songs, stretching, and fun! For kids ages 5 and under, but all ages are welcome.

  • 11/17/17 5:00 PM pm - 11/17/17 5:45 PM pm

    CLICK HERE for book listings and more information.

  • 11/20/17 4:30 PM pm - 11/20/17 5:30 PM pm

    Join us as we make some fun crafts, including photo art, bedroom and locker decor, and more! For kids in 5th-8th grade. Limited to ten kids, so call today to reserve a spot.

  • 01/26/18 7:00 PM pm - 01/26/18 9:00 PM pm

    Spend a relaxing Friday night filled with coffee and poetry, often facilitated by acclaimed poet, writer, and editor Elaine Person. Read an original poem of your own or just sit back with coffee and enjoy.

    Friday, January 26, 2017, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

    Join us for an evening of poetry and coffee. The theme for this month is "Bearing the Torch."