Thought-provoking contests this summer!
You can enter just one or both.

1) Every Hero Has a Story Reading Log 

Read 10 books which feature a hero* or heroine* and you could WIN a great prize!

Record your books on the Reading Log bookmark available from the library, or on the online form below.

Participants who complete entries will receive a $5 voucher to Sam Snead’s!

All completed entries will be entered into a prize drawing, and a winner will be notified to collect their great prize!

One entry per person.

Deadline: Friday Aug. 7, 11:59 p.m.

Reading Log Online Form: [Form id=”35″]

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2) Nominate an Everyday Hero in 25 Words or Fewer Contest

Nominate your everyday hero! Explain your nomination in 25 words or fewer on the card available from the library, or on the online form below.

One entry per person.

Whom could I nominate? Anyone you like. Perhaps it’s someone who helped you through a tough time, a super supportive friend, or someone you admire.

Winning Entries: Chosen entries will be published in the Director’s Newsletter, on the Facebook Page and Twitter feed!

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