Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s poetry contest. The winners are listed below. We hope you join us again next year!




1st: Higher Art by Holly Mandelkern

2nd: Summer Stock by Peter Gordon

3rd:  Hope Floats by Jerri Hardesty




First-Third Grade

1st: Float Away by Olivia Rios (Dommerich Elementary)

2nd: The Balloon by Sophie Lou (Park Maitland)

3rd: A Wonderful World and All Its Wonders by Maya Troutman (Dommerich Elementary)

HM: Flowing by Zoe and Jude Horan (Dommerich Elementary)


Fourth-Fifth Grade

1st: I Wish I Could Just Float Away by Landon Wodi (Park Maitland)

2nd: Floating Away (Haiku) by Brody Sarkarati (Park Maitland)

3rd: Float Away–The Mighty Ship by Clayton Stevens (Dommerich Elementary)

HM: Fantastic Fiction by Airlie Kittinger (Dommerich Elementary)


Sixth-Eighth Grade

1st: The Star by Liv Gamboa (Park Maitland)

2nd: Floating Away by Keira Schaefer (Mountain View Middle)

3rd: Float Away by Daemon DuBois (Maitland Middle)

HM: Away (A Deceased Lover’s Poem) by Liam Kimes (Park Maitland)