Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Poetry Contest! We had more than 70 entries, from third grade to well past graduation, from whimsical to melancholy. All of the poets submitted beautiful pieces of themselves and that’s a brave thing to do, just like if it were in a story!


Elementary School

First Place: Ethan Cunanan, Fourth Grade, “Story”

Second Place: Steve Sajeev, Third Grade, “The Three Little Pigs”


Middle School

First Place: Justin Whittingham, Eighth Grade, “Firefight”

Second Place: Sarah Dennis, Eighth Grade, “Tell Me a Story”

Third Place: Uma Menon, Seventh Grade, “Soaring Mind”

Honorable Mentions:

Sean Mueller, Eighth Grade, “A Chilly December Day”

Natalie Kornblum, Eighth Grade, “Beautiful Aftermath”

Gabriel Steinberg, Sixth Grade, “Imagination”

Maya Herbert, Eighth Grade, “Wolves”


High School

First Place: Jeff Tate, Eleventh Grade, “The Greatest Story of All Time”

Second Place: Anna Leedy, Ninth Grade, “My Mixed-Up Monster Man”



First Place: Robert Osborne, “Grandpa’s Garden”

Second Place: Holly Mandelkern, “Telltale Lines”

Third Place: Lynn Schiffhorst, “The Story of an English Country Walk”

Honorable Mention: Oral Nussbaum, “An African Story”