Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s poetry contest. The winners are listed below. We hope you join us again next year!




1st: The House Goes On Without Her by Llewellyn McKernan

2nd: Forget About It by Sonja Jean Craig

3rd:  So They Will Not Be Forgotten by Lynn Schiffhorst




4th Grade

1st: Sophia Forster (Maitland Montessori)

2nd: Marco Gallegos (Maitland Montessori)

3rd: Mary Froelich (St. Mary Magdalen)

HM: Maria Isabela Gurley (St. Mary Magdalen)


5th Grade

1st: Alex Davis (Park Maitland)

2nd: Oliver Nelson (Park Maitland)

3rd: Ashwin Anand (Park Maitland)

HM: William Harvie (Park Maitland), Olivia Hegarty (Park Maitland)


6th Grade

1st: Sophia Hesh (Park Maitland)

2nd: Eden Kiger (Park Maitland)

3rd: Sarah Cantwell (Park Maitland)

HM: Julian Foley (Park Maitland), Charlotte Lightman (Park Maitland)