Thank you to all who participated in and attended our Poetry Coffeehouse and awards. The winners are listed below.

Elementary School
First place: Charlotte L., “You and Me”
Second Place: Sophia H., “Listen”
Third Place: Faith W., “Should I Listen?”
Honorable Mention: Trever W., “Tune In”
Honorable Mention: Nathaniel N., “Tuning in on My Music”
Honorable Mention: Harper M., “Dreams”
Honorable Mention: Abigail W., “Tune Into the Zoo”

Middle School
First Place: Konor N., “Tune In, Tune Out”
Second Place: Zara K., “Tune In to the Positive”
Third Place: Juliana R., “Tuning In”
Honorable Mention: Sylvia G., “Tune In”
Honorable Mention: Madeline B., “Tune In”
Honorable Mention: Sara C., “Tune in to Good”
Honorable Mention: Daemon D., “Tune In”

High School
First Place: Marie B., “Tritone”
Second Place: Sarah B., “Symphony of Spring”
Honorable Mention: Abby S., “Live and Be”

Fist Place: Diane Neff, “Performance”
Second Place: Estelle Lipp, “Tuning in”
Third Place: Alice Friedman, “Tune in”
Honorable Mention: Peter Gordon, “Tune in”