Print these instructions

Whether you are using a Smartphone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, Nook, or Kindle, you will need to do some basic set-up before downloading eBooks.  If this is your first time using your device for downloading eBooks from Overdrive, please follow these directions.

  1. All users EXCEPT Nook: make sure you have an account and that you know the username and password. Create one if you do not have one.
  2. Have your Maitland Library card number and PIN ready.
  3. Turn your device on and unlock it.
  4. You will need to add the Overdrive app to your device if it is not already there (available free from your app store).
    1. Open your device store by tapping on it: Play Store, iTunes Apps, Store, or Shop. Search for Overdrive.
    2. Tap on Overdrive and click on install, download, or buy (it is FREE, but the button may be labeled “buy”).
    3. Tap on the Overdrive icon.
    4. You will now create a new Overdrive account: you may create a unique username and password OR you may log-in with Facebook. Once you are logged in, your device will remember your log-in.
    5. Close Overdrive.
  5. If you do NOT own a Kindle or Nook device: search your app store for the Kindle reading app.
    1. Tap on Kindle reading app and click on install, download, or buy (it is also FREE).
    2. Tap the home button on your device to return to the main screen.
    3. All users EXCEPT Kindle and Nook: Open Kindle reading app. You will be asked to register your device by logging into your Amazon account. It should remember your log-in information in future.
  6. You are all set to add books! Please see our other hand-outs for complete instructions on searching for and downloading books.