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About Maitland Public Library


A Library for the Maitland Community

LibraryFrontWith the donation of 360 books by Maitland resident Clara Dommerich, the Maitland Public Library was created in 1896.  First housed in a local teacher’s living room, the library later moved to a storefront on Horatio Avenue, near the railroad tracks.  The current library building on South Maitland Avenue was built in 1907, with additions made to it in 1959, 1972, and 1989.  Today the collection exceeds 85,000 items.

Although the Maitland Public Library was originally established, owned, and operated by Maitland residents, and governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of Maitland citizens, it became apparent by 1972 that expansion was needed to accommodate the increasing needs of Maitland’s citizens.  An agreement was forged with the City of Maitland to expand the library and its services to Maitland residents.  Because the city could not use public funds to build on private property, the Board of Trustees agreed to turn over all physical assets of the library – the grounds, building, and collection – to the city.  Under this arrangement, the city agreed to fund the operating budget of the library and to maintain the building and grounds.  The library maintained its independent governance and nonprofit corporate status to allow the receipt of direct donations.  This agreement permits the library to continue to exist as a nonprofit corporation operated by residents of the City of Maitland.

The Maitland Public Library is governed by volunteers serving on the Board of Trustees, to whom the Library Director reports.  These citizens meet monthly to review existing services, discuss future plans, and make decisions as needed regarding library policy.  While the Library Director is responsible for the general operation of the library and ensures that the library is operated in accordance with the guidelines of the American Library Association, the Board establishes the guidelines and procedures pertaining to library services and personnel.

(Historical information thanks to “The Maitland Public Library – A Century of Service” by Nancy Long. Maitland Public Library. Maitland, FL. 1996.)

Description of Organization and Function: 

The Maitland Public Library, Inc., a non-profit 501 C3 corporation, has served the residents for over 120 years, 111 in the current location.  In 1973, a 99-year lease was signed with the City of Maitland.  The City agreed to provide adequate funding for the library, taking ownership of the property with the Board of Trustees providing management of operations.

A four (4) member corporate board and a ten (10) member Board of Trustees, all Maitland residents and volunteers, selected for the interest and dedication to the Library’s vision and mission, oversee the daily operations.  Board meetings are held monthly (except July & August) to direct library activities, provide financial oversight and guide operations in developing and providing effective services for the residents of Maitland.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Maitland Public Library is to provide materials and services that address the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the residents of Maitland.

To accomplish this mission the Library will: continually update its reading, viewing, and listening collections, as well as seek new ways to stimulate the intellectual growth of library users of all ages and provide a comfortable, usable environment in which patrons may access resources, obtain technical assistance, and find avenues to become discriminating consumers of contemporary information.


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